Update 2024/04/27

After the successful distribution of Volker Bandke's Turnkey 3 and Jürgen Winkelmanns' Turnkey 4-, Turnkey 5 is now available. TK5 is fully restructured but still based upon TK3, TK4 and TK4ROB.
MVS TK5 consists of only 15 DASD volumes (reduces from 28 volumes in TK4+). Most of the volumes are 3390 type DASD.

In keeping with the commitment to keep TK5 current, Update-3 is now available for download.

MVS was IBM’s flagship mainframe operating system from the mid-seventies until the mid-eighties. MVS TK5 is an implementation of OS/VS2 MVS Release 3.8J. The successors to MVS 3.8, MVS/XA, MVS/ESA, OS/390 and z/OS all demonstrate their OS/VS MVS 3.8 heritage.

Features of MVS-TK5.

  • 3390 support of the system residence volume.
  • Hyperion Hercules SDL 4.60 64 bit Windows version and 64 bit Linux version. The other operating systems stays on Hyperion Hercules SDL 4.3.99999 (only if you install the complete system).
  • ISPF 2.2, Wally Maclaughlin's version of IBM's ISPF.
  • PTF RRKF007: update on RAKF to remove the need of alphabetical order of the members USERS and PROFILES. 
  • Updated FTP deamon (start with /S FTPD), Hercules SDL should be present 
  • TSO command LOOKMVS with alias LOOK. A TSO command to look in the active storage 
  • Rebuild of DSSDUMP and DSSREST in SYS2.DSSCNTL and SYS2.DSSLIB and SYS2.DSSLIB added in IEAAPF00
    rework ZAP member DSSDUMP$ to add check of resource DSSAUTH in the FACILITY class.
  • PDS command updated from to *NEW
  • FSE 2.01, a simple but effective editor.
  • DSCOPY with prerequisites PDSCOPY and IFALC.
  • CALNDR2 sample with new ISPF API module LBISPL
  • REVIEW  updated from 50.4 to 51.2 *UPDATED
  • RPF updated from 1.9.6 to 1.9.7. *UPDATED
  • BREXX370 updated from V2R5M2 to V2R5M3L01 *UPDATED
  • Latest version of IMON
  • ISPF option 5 with ISPOPT5
  • INTERCOMM, a CICS like application
    submit job RUNICOM in SYS2.JCLLIB to start Intercomm
  • Intercomm 3380 volume with vol=ser=INT001
  • ALGOL 2.1 upgrade of Tom Armstrong. 
  • COBOL Bufsize fix (job $COBOLZP in SYS2.TK5.CNTL)
  • EDIT, a console editor to make emergency updates on libraries like SYS1.PROCLIB
  • ARCHIVER (file 147 on www.cbttape.org)
  • New ISPF panels for RPF 3.4, RPF edit, browse, PDS and Reset stats
  • NJE38 V250 to use JES2 NJE with the TSO commands TRANSMIT and RECEIVE *UPDATED
  • Updated OS/360 Sort/Merge for MVS 3.8. Download PDF manuals from SORT.MVS38.CNTL members $INSGUID and $APLGUID
  • ICKDSF13
  • CUTIL00 updated from V1R1M00 to V1R1M05 
  • LISTDSJ updated from V1R0M40 to V2R0M00
  • RECVXMIT updated from V0R9M00 to V0R9M01.
  • PUTCARD V0R9M00.
  • CCOMPR updated from V0R9M00 to V0R9M01.
  • ISPF option 0. ISPF log and list. 
  • ISPF option 3.DC with DSCOPY
  • ISPF option 3.7. VTOC utilities, free space monitor, allocations display, catalog management and UCB display. *UPDATED
  • ISPF option 3.12 (SUPERC) and Option 3.13 (SUPERCE).
  • ISPF option 4 with the RPF foreground assembler.
  • ISPF option 5. Background language processors.
  • ISPF option M. The "old" TSOAPPLS menu.
  • ISPF option M.DC. Perpetual Calendar.
  • ISPF option M.R. RECEIVE interface.
  • ISPF option M.XM. TRANSMIT interface.
  • TSOEXEC. A TSO command processor to run authorized TSO commands in an unauthorized environment.
  • MAP3270 3.2.1. *UPDATED
  • LBTUTOR V0R9M01, a HELP function for ISPF *NEW
  • HTTPD web server updated to 2.0.0. *UPDATED

The following usermods are applied:

ZP60009 rework(20240311),
ZP60039 rework(20220308),
ZP60040 rework(20220308),
ZP60042 rework(20230628) and contains M096220,
ZBP0001, spooling JES2 output to VM/370
ZBP0002 rework(20240110) to support VM UNDIAL commands
RP00001, fix AMDPRDMP Fix usage of SYSUT1 on 3375/3380/3390.
RP00002. fix of placing SYS1.DUMPxx on 3375/3380/3390.
RP00003, return to correct number of cylinders of a 3380 and 3390 *NEW

All usermods are re-packaged and distributed in separate libraries with high-level qualifier USERMOD.

The following usermod(s) are updated:

  • ZJW0007: add subsystem EDIT.
  • M023000: The device support for 3375, 3380 and 3390. This set is completely reworked 
  • ZP60009: Fix some isuues in 3270 support *NEW
  • ZP60043: fix the DCB= problem, if the referenced dataset is resident on the system residence volume and cataloged with VOLSER(******).
  • ZJW0005; add TSO pre prompt LOGON exit.

The following usermod(s) are deleted:

  • TMVS805, superseded by ZP60039.
  • ZUM0003, superseded by ZJW0006.
  • M026xxx, these usermods are replaced by the reworked usermod set M023000.

The '=x' fix of RFE.
Some JCC errors 

In SYS1.PARMLIB I haved added IEALPA00. This member becomes active if you specify MLPA=00 in IEASYS00. IEALPA00 contains 39 RPF modules and 4 aliasses.

Other modifications
The procedure ADDUSER contains now allocations for &SYSUID.EXEC, &SYSUID.ISP.PLIB and &SYSUID.ISP.PROF libraries.

You can download the complete system or the updates by clicking on one of the buttons below:


This complete system contains the following disks:

  • TK5RES - 3390,MVS sysres volume.
  • TK5CAT - 3390, MVS catalog volume, contains the master catalog SYS1.MCAT.TK5.
  • TK5DLB - 3390, MVS distribution libraries.
  • TK5001 - 3390, package volume 1. Contains usercatalog SYS1.UCAT.TK5.
  • TK5002 - 3390, package volume 2.
  • TSO001 - 3390, TSO pack 1. Contains usercatalog SYS1.UCAT.TSO,
  • TSO002 - 3390, TSO pack 2.
  • TSO003 - 3390, TSO pack 3.
  • WORK01 - 3390, workpack 1.
  • WORK02 - 3390, workpack 2.
  • WORK02 - 3390, workpack 3.
  • WORK03 - 3390, workpack 4.
  • INT001 - 3380, Intercomm pack. A CICS-like application.
  • PAGE00 - 3350, page volume.
  • SPOOL0 - 3350, JES2 spool volume.

The black highlighted volumes will be replaced in the future updates,
In Update-2 the volume TK5DLB is replaced. TK5DLB is also included in Update-3 and future updates, but will not be copied if Update-2 or the complete system is already installed.

DOWNLOAD MVS-TK5 with Update 3 DOWNLOAD UPDATE 3 TK5 Introduction and User Manual

  • The complete TK5 system is a complete system with Hercules, all the conf files and manuals. It also has Update 3 installed.
  • The modifications are only the updated volumes, some scripts and some documents. Install the update in the following way:
    • Download Update-3 in the mvs-tk5 directory;
    • Unzip mvstk5-update3.zip in place. Replace the files if asked;
    • For Linux users: go to directory mvs-tk5 and execute a chmod -R +x * command.
    • Run script cleanup.bat for Windows or cleanup for Linux.
    • After IPL of the updated system, run the job update.txt. Submit this job with devinit 00c update.txt
  • If you use this system for the first time, downloading of the complete system is required.


  1. Update-3 is a cumulative update and supersedes Update 1 and Update-2.
  2. In Update-3, the volume TK5DLB is included. If Update-2 was installed, the volume will not be copied to your system.

Installation and migration instructions.
Press on the TK5 Introduction and User Manual above.

Note! The 'doc' directory contains now a lot of usable manuals.

Optional material:

These are the CBT and SRC volumes of Volker Bandke's TK3 system and the SYSCPK volume of Jay Mosely. Install this file as follows:

  • Download srccbt.zip by clicking on the button below;
  • Place the zip file in the root of your mvs-tk5 system;
  • Unzip the file in place. Replace the files if asked;
  • IPL your system (mvs.bat for windows or ./mvs for Linux);
  • Run this job to catalog the datasets on the CBT-, SRC- and SYSCPK volumes.