Update 2023/09/10

After the successful distribution of Volker Bandke's Turnkey 3 and Jürgen Winkelmanns' Turnkey 4-, Turnkey 5 is now available. TK5 is fully restructured but still based upon TK3, TK4 and TK4ROB.
MVS TK5 consists of only 15 DASD volumes (reduces from 28 volumes in TK4+). Most of the volumes are 3390 type DASD.

In keeping with the commitment to keep TK5 current, Update 1 is now available for download.

MVS was IBM’s flagship mainframe operating system from the mid-seventies until the mid-eighties. MVS TK5 is an implementation of OS/VS2 MVS Release 3.8J. The successors to MVS 3.8, MVS/XA, MVS/ESA, OS/390 and z/OS all demonstrate their OS/VS MVS 3.8 heritage.

Features of MVS-TK5.

  • 3390 support of the system residence volume.
  • Hyperion Hercules SDL 4.60 64 bit Windows version and 64 bit Linux version. The other operating systems stays on Hyperion Hercules SDL 4.3.99999 (only if you install the complete system).
  • ISPF 2.2, Wally Maclaughlin's version of IBM's ISPF.
  • PTF RRKF007: update on RAKF to remove the need of alphabetical order of the members USERS and PROFILES. 
  • Perpetual Calendar, VTOC utility (ISPF 3.7), UCB display and ISPF log and list. 
  • Updated FTP deamon (start with /S FTPD), Hercules SDL should be present 
  • TSO command LOOKMVS with alias LOOK. A TSO command to look in the active storage 
  • Rebuild of DSSDUMP and DSSREST in SYS2.DSSCNTL and SYS2.DSSLIB and SYS2.DSSLIB added in IEAAPF00
    rework ZAP member DSSDUMP$ to add check of resource DSSAUTH in the FACILITY class.
  • PDS command updated from to
  • FSE 2.01, a simple but effective editor.
  • DSCOPY with prerequisites PDSCOPY and IFALC.
  • ISPOPT5.
  • CALNDR2 sample with new ISPF API module LBISPL
  • REVIEW 50.4
  • RPF updated from 1.9.4 to 1.9.5. 
  • BREXX370 V2R5M2 
  • Latest version of IMON
  • ISPF option 5 with ISPOPT5
  • ISPF option 3.DC with DSCOPY
  • INTERCOMM, a CICS like application
    submit job RUNICOM in SYS2.JCLLIB to start Intercomm
  • Intercomm 3380 volume with vol=ser=INT001
  • ALGOL 2.1 upgrade of Tom Armstrong. 
  • COBOL Bufsize fix (job $COBOLZP in SYS2.TK5.CNTL)
  • EDIT, a console editor to make emergency updates on libraries like SYS1.PROCLIB
  • ARCHIVER (file 147 on www.cbttape.org)
  • New ISPF panels for RPF 3.4, RPF edit, browse, PDS and Reset stats
  • NJE38 V242 to use JES2 NJE with the TSO commands TRANSMIT and RECEIVE.
  • OS/360 Sort/Merge for MVS 3.8. Download PDF manuals from SORT.MVS38.CNTL members $INSGUID and $APLGUID
  • ICKDSF13
  • CUTIL00 updated from V1R1M00 to V1R1M05 
  • LISTDSJ updated from V1R0M40 to V2R0M00 
  • DFSPC (free space) and DALCDS (display allocations) *NEW
  • ULXL01 ISPF free space display of a volume in ISPF 3.7 *NEW
  • RECVXMIT updated from V0R9M00 to V0R9M01.
  • PUTCARD V0R9M00.
  • CCOMPR updated from V0R9M00 to V0R9M01.
  • ISPF option 3.12 (SUPERC) and Option 3.13 (SUPERCE).
  • ISPF option 4 with the RPF foreground assembler.
  • ISPF option M of ISPF with the "old" TSOAPPLS menu.
  • ISPF option M.R (RECEIVE).
  • ISPF option M.XM (XMIT).

The following usermods are applied:

MS00100 *NEW,
ZP60009 rework(20221126),
ZP60039 rework(20220308),
ZP60040 rework(20220308),
ZP60042 rework(20230628) and contains M096220,

All usermods are re-packaged and distributed in separate libraries with high-level qualifier USERMOD.

The following usermod(s) are updated
ZJW0007: add subsystem EDIT.
ZJW0005; add TSO pre prompt LOGON exit *NEW.

The following usermod(s) are deleted
TMVS805, superseded by ZP60039.
ZUM0003, superseded by ZJW0006.

The '=x' fix of RFE.
Some JCC errors 

In SYS1.PARMLIB I haved added IEALPA00. This member becomes active if you specify MLPA=00 in IEASYS00. IEALPA00 contains 38 RPF modules and 4 aliasses.

Other modifications
The procedure ADDUSER contains now allocations for &SYSUID.EXEC, &SYSUID.ISP.PLIB and &SYSUID.ISP.PROF libraries.

You can download the complete system or the updates by clicking on one of the buttons below:


This complete system contains the following disks:

  • TK5RES - 3390,MVS sysres volume.
  • TK5CAT - 3390, MVS catalog volume, contains the master catalog SYS1.MCAT.TK5.
  • TK5DLB - 3390, MVS distribution libraries.
  • TK5001 - 3390, package volume 1. Contains usercatalog SYS1.UCAT.TK5.
  • TK5002 - 3390, package volume 2.
  • TSO001 - 3390, TSO pack 1. Contains usercatalog SYS1.UCAT.TSO,
  • TSO002 - 3390, TSO pack 2.
  • TSO003 - 3390, TSO pack 3.
  • WORK01 - 3390, workpack 1.
  • WORK02 - 3390, workpack 2.
  • WORK02 - 3390, workpack 3.
  • WORK03 - 3390, workpack 4.
  • INT001 - 3380, Intercomm pack. A CICS-like application.
  • PAGE00 - 3350, page volume.
  • SPOOL0 - 3350, JES2 spool volume.

The highlighted volumes will be replaced in the future updates,


DOWNLOAD MVS-TK5 with Update 1 DOWNLOAD UPDATE 1 TK5 Introduction and User Manual

  • The complete TK5 system is a complete system with Hercules, all the conf files and manuals. It also has Update 1 installed.
  • The modifications are only the updated volumes, some scripts and some documents. Install this file in the following way:
    • Download Update 1 in the mvs-tk5 directory;
    • Unzip mvstk5-update1.zip in place. Replace the files if asked;
    • For Linux users: go to directory mvs-tk5 and execute a chmod -R +x * command.
  • If you use this system for the first time, downloading the complete system is required


  1. Cleanup unnecessary catalog entries and add catalog entries after install (full system or update) with devinit 00c cleanup.txt on the hercules console.
  2. Delete directory DVTOC in the directory Packages

Installation and migration instructions.
Press on the TK5 Introduction and User Manual above.

Note! The 'doc' directory contains now a lot of usable manuals.

Optional material:

These are the CBT and SRC volumes of Volker Bandke's TK3 system and the SYSCPK volume of Jay Mosely. Install this file as follows:

  • Download srccbt.zip by clicking on the button below;
  • Place the zip file in the root of your tk4 system;
  • Unzip the file in place. Replace the files if asked;
  • IPL your system (mvs.bat for windows or ./mvs for Linux);
  • Run this job to catalog the datasets on the CBT-, SRC- and SYSCPK volumes.