Update 2022/01/19

I have created a new set of disks on top of Jürgen Winkelsmann's MVS Turnkey 4. These updates are installed on top of update 08 of his distribution.
MVS is a mainframe operating systems of the years seventies until the middle of the eighties. MVS TK4- is OS/VS2 release 3.8J. Successors of MVS 3.8J are MVS/XA, MVS/ESA, OS/390 and z/OS.

You will find MVS TK4- on his site

I have installed:
ISPF 2.2,
RPF 191 with some additional updates,
EDIT, a console editor to make emergency updates on libraries like SYS1.PROCLIB 1)
REVIEW 50.3,
ARCHIVER (file 147 on www.cbttape.org).
New ISPF panels for RPF 3.4, RPF edit, browse, PDS and Reset stats.
Option 4 of ISPF with the RPF foreground assembler.
Option M of ISPF with the "old" TSOAPPLS menu.

The following usermods are applied:
TMVS16, TMVS17, ZP60033, ZP60034, ZP60035, ZP60036, ZP60037, ZP60038, ZP60039, ZP60040, ZP60041, ZP60042, ZP60043 and TNIP800

The following usermod(s) are updated
ZJW0007: add subsystem EDIT.

The '=x' fix of RFE.

In SYS1.PARMLIB I haved added IEALPA00. This member becomes active if you specify MLPA=00 in IEASYS00. IEALPA00 contains 34 RPF modules and 4 aliasses.

Other modifications

The HERC01.REVPROF, HERC02.REVPROF, HERC03.REVPROF and HERC04.REVPROF datasets are deleted (REVIEW does not need them anymore).
I have allocated HERC01/2/3/4.ISP.PROF for ISPF and REVIEW and I have allocated HERC01/2/3/4.ISP.PLIB to create your own ISPF panels.
The procedure ADDUSER contains now allocations for &SYSUID.EXEC, &SYSUID.ISP.PLIB and &SYSUID.ISP.PROF libraries.

The initial CLIST is changed and will not call TSOAPPLS anymore, but will go directly to ISPF.

You can download this set of disks by clicking on the button below:


  • Place the downloaded file in the root directory of your TK4- system.
  • Rename the 'dasd' directory in your system in e.g. 'dasd_old'.
  • Unzip the downloaded file. This will create a new 'dasd' directory.
  • IPL your system in the usual way.

Download Rob's disks


  • EDIT is a console editor to make little changes in libraries with a record length of 80. E.g. If you have a JCL error in JES2 or VTAM (NET), you can fix the error with this console editor. Because the console editor is a subsystem, JES2 is not needed.
    Download here the User's Guide.


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